Why Grow Hydroponic Marijuana?

When growing marijuana (scientific name: Cannabis sativa), you could have two options: grow it traditionally or grow it on hydroponics. There are many pot or weed growers that say that it will be much wiser to choose the latter and this is due to the following reasons.

  1. Total control

The main reason why growing hydroponics is so popular nowadays is that it allows a grower to have everything going according to his preferences. Such situation include:

  • Nutrient control. Soil has naturally occurring minerals that may be or may not be beneficial to your plants’ growth. However, knowing what your soil contains or lacks is a pretty difficult job to do. Yet, it is crucial to know it as it will influence the type pf fertilizer that you will need: the fertilizer must compensate for the things that the soil lacks. If you go hydro, you could choose the fertilizers and plant supplements better as there will be no unknown in the equation.
  • Lighting and ventilation. The main source of the former variable is the sun which, unfortunately, is something that we cannot control. There will be times that they will emit too hot rays and there will be times that they will not be present at all. Ventilation, on the other hand, is something that natural occurs. However, if you get the light lamps and squirrel cage fans, you could make sure that you get the optimum conditions for your pots to grow healthy.
  1. Faster harvest

A lot of pot growers have testified that weeds grow faster in hydro. As a matter of fact, it takes two weeks from the vegetative phase. This will then make you have more yields within a year.

As for the taste, some people say that soil-grown marijuana tastes better but experts have said that the taste is something arbitrary. This is because it depicts your own nutrients.

  1. Faster detection of problems

Compared to growing in dirt, growing in hydro has the benefit of showing the signs of problems earlier. The good news about it is that you could correct the problems faster too, as you have total control over the conditions that your plants have.

  1. Free from natural problems

Since you will not be using soil, you will not need to worry about pests and insects that much. You also do not have to set up irrigation and drainage systems.

Where to Buy Grow Light for the Marijuana Growing in Hydroponics

Grow lights for the marijuana growing under the hydroponics mechanism is vital since they substitute the light of the sun needed for food production. The artificial lightings are powered by electricity so they can produce lights that will aid the plant for the food production. This lighting mechanism is mostly used by indoor growers and those who are growing their marijuana strains under the hydroponics. Despite the fact that grow lights come in expensive price due to the bills of electricity, pot growers prefer this than direct sunlight because in this mechanism, they have the capacity to control the light received by their strain.


Where can I buy grow lights?

There are a lot of stores where you can buy grow lights since these items are not foreign. If you have the energy, you can visit hardware shops and warehouses to check their supply. Second, you may look at the internet for those people who are selling grow lights that are used or brand new. Either way, you must be cautious not about the look or appearance of your lighting mechanism, instead you should be cautious about the type the bulbs that you will use for strain.


What should I remember when I am about to buy grow lights set?

Do not always go for the cheaper price. instead, test the durability of the product so that you do not have to spend again on buying new lighting system just because the first item you bought is easily broken.


What should I remember if I am going to buy bulbs?

Be minded that not all pot strains have the same amount of needs when it comes to light. There are weeds that need less exposure and there are some that wanted short. Some of the commonly used bulbs by hydroponics marijuana growers are the metal halide type of bulb and the high pressure sodium bulbs.


Why should I use grow lights if I am growing strains in hydroponics?

Grow lights are needed for those pot growers who use the hydroponics mechanism because this growing technique is mostly done indoors and not outdoors. It only means that the pot strains planted indoors under the hydroponics mechanism need lighting that can substitute the light emitted by the sun. The grow lights substitute the sun and aids on the food production of your pot strains.The photosynthesis and the nutrients from the soil will help the pot strain grow better and have potent seeds.

What To Avoid When Growing Marijuana in Hydroponics

Growing marijuana is now considered a usual activity that marijuana smokers are involved with. Knowing that the government had legalized the growing of weeds to various places, many people have thought of trying how to grow such plants. Maybe because they wanted to try smoking marijuana or they just believe that this can be a good business to pursue with the number of people who smoke cannabis. Besides, smoking weed also has its benefits so you cannot stop people if they want to find out how it can be helpful to them.

On the other hand, it will never be that easy to grow marijuana especially if it is your first time to try growing this type of plants. You have to expect that it will demand attention and care so that you can produce great yields and quality cannabis strains. You have to decide how will you grow the plant if it is indoor, outdoor, or hydroponically. If you think that you only have a limited space where you’re planning to put the plants, it would be better for you to choose the latter method.

Many people prefer to choose growing marijuana through hydroponics. They say that if you will consider this type of growing you can obtain excellent yield in just a short period of time. Maybe because you can control the environment that you will provide your plants which mean you already have an idea about the results. Yet, you still need to have sufficient knowledge about hydroponics for the assurance of attaining the outcome you want.

If you want to grow marijuana hydroponically, you have to know the procedures on how it is done as well as the supplies that you will need. You can search online to get relevant information or much better if you can ask an experience marijuana grower about this matter. You also have to identify the things that you need to avoid when growing marijuana in hydroponics.

The Don’ts of Growing Marijuana Hydroponically

  • Standing up at once. Before you stand up see to it that you will not hit the light above you.
  • Overlooked the reservoir. Make sure that the reservoir functions the right way. Remember that you have to provide your plants the exact amount of water and not to flood them.
  • Improper usage of pH meter. See to it that you have set the right amount of water and nutrients for your plants. Always check the pH meter.
  • Forgot using gloves. Always use gloves to protect your hands.
  • Using expired products. Check the label of any products you put into your plants.

What are Grow Lights for Marijuana

There are many methods involved in growing marijuana. Outdoor method and indoor method are not the only techniques to be considered since there are also enhancements applied to make the growth of the marijuana strain fruitful and bountiful. One of the famous enhancement is the grow lights. Listed below are some questions and answers related to grow lights for marijuana.


What are the purpose of grow lights in marijuana growing?

Grow lights play a vital role in any marijuana planting, especially if the weed is growing indoors. The grow lights imitate the light given by the natural sun found outdoors. Since you are planting your strain indoors under the hydroponics technique, you are really in great need of this artificial lighting system to substitute the sun’s light.


Light is vital in marijuana growing and any crop planting since the light trigger the leaves of the marijuana strain to produce foods for the weed. The nutrients found from the soil together with the foods produced by photosynthesis with the help of sun’s light will add to the betterment of the marijuana strain’s growth.


What should I remember when I use grow lights for marijuana?

You should be minded that not all marijuanas have the same need of light and spectrum. Marijuana strains vary in needs. For example, there are pot strains that are short day type, meaning, the need a long period of darkness in order for them to do photosynthesis. Second, there are strains that are long day, meaning this weeds need eighteen hours of sunlight per day to produce foods for the strain. Lastly, there are strains that are day neutral, meaning, these marijuana type still produce buds properly no matter how much light they receive.


What are the basic parts of a grow light system?

There are four major parts in order to build a grow light system for the marijuana growing under the hydroponics system. First is the bulb. This object is responsible for showing-off the sun’s light. The second part is the reflector. This thing is needed to make light well spread so you do not have to buy plenty of bulb since this mechanism will reflect the light emitted. The third part of the grow light is the remote ballast wherein all the electrical wiring for the bulb is located, and the last part of the system is the timer, in order to have an easy lighting schedule.

Ways to Grow Marijuana Hydroponically

Cannabis sativa, commonly known as marijuana and referred to as weed, is one of the plants that are now getting the attention of the media due to their medical assistance to many people. They could now be grown inside your homes as long as you have the medical certification that qualifies you to do so. Instead of growing pot on the soil, you could now do so using hydroponics with the following steps.

  1. Get the walls right.

Plants need sunlight in order to grow and survive. Hence, if you are growing hydroponics marijuana, you will need to paint your walls in a glossy white in order for the sun rays to be reflected and not absorbed. This will make sure that 55% of the rays will be directed to your plants. For best results, you could get a titanium white paint.

You could also opt to cover your walls in Mylar in case that you want higher efficiency as it will reflect at around 90% of the light. However, you might also want to get the ventilation properly as the high rate will make the room hotter which, if in excess, will kill the plants.

  1. Get the lights right.

It is okay to substitute artificial lighting to the real ones as there will be instances that the latter will not be available due to the weather of the country. You need to place the lights in such a way that if the plants reach its maximum height, the lights will still be above them.

One of the most recommended lighting source when growing weeds is clamp reflectors. This is because you do not need to get any wirings done as the sockets are already attached.

Make sure that the room temperature will be somewhere between 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit since this will produce the best yields possible.

  1. Get the ventilation right.

Aside from the fact that it will stabilize the heat inside the room, having a proper ventilation will allow your plants to breathe properly. Air is needed if you want them to grow well. Also, this will get rid of the unnecessary smell that your greenhouse will emit.

To do this, you could install a squirrel cage fan that is attached to ducts that are six inches in length. This will be your duct system for the whole room where you are growing your plants.

Water Pumps or Filters for Hydroponic Pot Growing

Thinking of growing your own marijuana garden? Smoking pot is indeed a nice treat to give yourself every once in a while. It relaxes you while providing the body tons of medicinal benefits (like cancer prevention and pain relief). But do you know what’s even more fulfilling? It’s smoking weed that you have grown yourself. Not to mention the money that you may earn from selling your self-grown weed as well.

If you are already convinced that growing your own marijuana plants is a good thing, then it’s time for you to know one of the best methods in growing cannabis. That is hydroponics. It came from two words, hydro meaning water, and ponics meaning labor.  Using this as a clue to how it works, you’ll be growing your plants with the use of mainly just water. Hydroponics comes with a requirement to learn how the pumps, tubes, and filters work for your plant because you are going to use all of these devices throughout your cannabis plant’s growth.

Water Pumps

Since, hydroponics is a method that heavily relies on water, it is very important to invest in a reliable water pump. The best ones could get a bit pricey but the results are going to be worth it. Do not also purchase a single water pump, but buy two. You may go all-out in spending for your primary water pump, while you may go ahead and search for a cheaper one for the second. The second water pump is going to be your back up. Remember that no matter how reliable your primary water pump might be, it is still a machine that could possibly get broken some day; and since you’re plant would rely so much on this; it’s better to have a second pump as reserve if ever your first pump goes bad.

Water Filters

The next device that you would possibly need to spend good money for is a water filter. There are different filters available, but probably the best one to buy is a reverse osmosis filter. This type of filter makes sure that your water is purified from all sorts of minerals and impurities. Why is there a need for such clean water? The reason is because there are going to be a lot of pumps and tubes involved in a hydroponic system, and the minerals and impurities found in tap water might cause clogging to your devices and ruin your hydroponic system entirely.

Various Hydroponics System for Marijuana Growing

There are various systems for the hydroponics method of marijuana growing. Be minded that not all strains can adapt to all variations of the hydroponics. It is best to know first the quality and sustainability of your pot strains when it comes to water. Also, not all variations of the hydroponics system is easy to assemble and comes cheap. It is best to be prepared when it comes to finance and space. To help you gear-up for your hydroponics marijuana growing, listed below are some variations in hydroponics mechanism for marijuana growing. Growers opted this method because they believe that the nutrients can easily penetrate to the roots due to the fact that nutrients are well dissolved with water unlike with the one with roots.


Hydroponic Drip System

This mechanism is one of the widely used because this one is common and comes with an easy concept and few parts, making the assembly easy. This hydroponics system works by simply dripping nutrient solution on the roots of the marijuana to keep them moist. This system is beneficial for strains that consume a lot of root space because you do not need a lot of water volume since the drip system invest in moisture that has solution of minerals and nutrients. The drip system has two types. First is the recovery drip system, while the other is the non-recovery drip system. The recovery type work by recycling the drips while the other one does not recycle.


Ebb and Flow or Flood and Drain System

The ebb and flow system is popular for marijuana home growers, because this system is easy to build and does not come with an expensive price unlike the others. Also, this machine can be modified to fit small spaces. The flood and drain system  works by flooding the container with minerals and nutrients solution to make the roots of the marijuana soaked with these healthy elements. When the water reaches its overflowing height, the mechanism drains itself back to a reservoir.  This method is less expensive because the water is re-used as long as it is clean and has nutrients.


Water Culture System

The water culture system is an easy system for hydroponics wherein the pot seed is suspended in baskets right above waters that has nutrient and mineral solutions. The roots are hung down from baskets while being submerged to the solution. The roots are not suffocating from the water since the water is infused with oxygen from the air bubbles.

Using Grow Lights: Proper Way of Setting the Lights for Marijuanas in Hydroponics

Let us face it, hydroponics system is not popularly used because of its intricacy and delicate set-up, what more if the method is infused with the grow light system. The mechanism of lighting for marijuana plants that are growing indoors in a hydroponics is vital. The artificial lighting substitutes the natural light that should be given by the sun. Proper setting-up of the bulbs and proper amounts of light and temperature are needed to have a successful marijuana growing under grow lights and hydroponics. Lights play a vital role in the development of pot strains growing under hydroponics, since the light triggers the leaves of the weeds to produce food for the entire marijuana. Listed below are some questions and answers related to setting the artificial lights for the marijuana in hydroponics.


Are there any specific type of bulb should I use? Or household lightings are enough?

Before purchasing your bulbs, make sure first of the type of strain that you are growing. Please be minded that not all marijuana strains respond goodly at artificial lighting and these strains have different amounts of need when it comes to light exposure. The most commonly used bulb is the metal halide, because this lighting system gives good spectral distribution. Also, this bulb gives light as bright as summer, making the leaves active for photosynthesis. Another famous type is the high pressure sodium bulbs. This type gives yellow and red colors of the spectrum making marijuana buds to bloom easier and a little faster.


What are the basic parts of a grow light system?

The basic parts of the grow light system are of course, the light bulb for light emission, reflector hood for good light distribution, remote ballast for the electrical part of the mechanism and the timer.


How to properly assemble the grow lights system for marijuana growing in hydroponics?

The first thing to do is to screw the chosen bulb properly. Make sure that the bulb is screwed well so there will be no fluctuation in the flow of electricity that often cause fires. Second, set the reflector hood in a strategic location of the room where the plants will have an equally distributed light. Third, make sure that the remote ballast is away from the waters of the hydroponics. Lastly, set the time in accordance to the need of your strain.

Types of Lights that Can Be Applied to Marijuanas growing in Hydroponics

Growing marijuana offers a pot planter a lot of possibilities and choices when it comes to the method of how to grow the strain and method of growing enhancers. Despite the costly reality of using the grow lights, pot growers who practice hydroponics growing in an indoor method of planting marijuana resulted to the use of the grow lights since this lighting system will provide the light needed by the weeds. Grow lights act as the sun inside a contained space where the actual sunlight can not penetrate. Lights are vital for the marijuana because the light triggers the leaves to do photosynthesis that creates the food for the pot strain. Listed below are some of the commonly used grow lights that are perfect for hydroponics and indoor method of growing.


Metal Halide

This light bulb is popularly called as MH by the pot growers. This type of bulb is perfect for marijuana strains that grow with leafy  green leaves that come in small or short heights. The average span of the metal halide bulb is ten thousand hours, but will still emit light after the figured mention, but it will be no use since it is generating more heat than light. Metal Halide is a type of high intensity discharge lights.


High Pressure Sodium

HPS or high pressure sodium is a lighting bulb that emits the color of red and orange grow. This one is another favorite among pot growers due to the fact that the light emitted by the bulb triggers the hormones of the marijuana to increase the speed of the strain’s flowering and budding. Also, in case that your strain is growing inside a greenhouse with hydroponics system, this light is perfect. The average life span of this bulb is eighteen thousand making it longer than the metal halide that only comes in ten thousand. Also, high pressure sodium bulb is a type of high intensity discharge lights.


High-Intensity Fluorescent Grow Lights

These lighting bulbs have almost the same look of the high intensity discharge lights, but these come in cheaper price. the fit in a small ballast and the bulbs are easier to get warm.


Fluorescent Grow Lights

The use of the fluorescent grow lights is the most economical among lighting system, but the light emitted by this type is not that intense unlike the others. Better use this type if you are only growing a few number of marijuana.

Types of Air Purification Systems For Hydroponic Pot Growing

Growing your own cannabis plants come with more responsibility than you think. Of course you need to determine the method that you are going to use in growing it first. There are different methods, but one of the most effective is the hydroponic way. As the name suggests, this method relies heavily on water, but aside from water, there are also other things that you should take note of. First, you must make sure that your plant is well lighted. This would ensure its potency. Second, you must be prepared on the time that you need to spend on each plant. And finally, one of the most important aspects of taking care of your plant is air. Surprisingly, this is also one of the most overlooked.

Two Reasons Why Good Air Ventilation Is Important

There are two main reasons why you should maintain good air circulation within a room when growing your marijuana indoors. First, it is for security measures. This is exceptionally important if you live in a place where growing cannabis is considered illegal. All you need is a single cop that would say he smells marijuana from outside your house, and you’re done for. The second reason is to ensure that your plants remain healthy and mold-free. Stagnant air would encourage growth of molds that could ruin your plants in just a few weeks if you don’t remedy it immediately.

Air Purification Systems

Fortunately, there are different air purification systems that could help you in controlling the smell, and ensuring that your cannabis plants get clean air. First is the ozone generator. This is a very helpful device that does not only rid the air of the smell of your ganja, but also kills unwanted elements found in the air. Another option is the use of exhaust fans. These fans are extremely helpful not only in ensuring that the air inside a room is always fresh and replenished, but it also takes care of maintaining the room’s temperature. This is very important if you are using a lighting method that produces a lot of heat. Heat can reduce the potency of your weed you know. Finally, there are carbon filters. These are the most effective in controlling the smell of your marijuana plant. Different cannabis strains produce different levels of odor. Thus, if the strain that you are growing is exceptionally strong-odored, then you might want to choose carbon filters as your main air purification system instead.