How To Choose Hydroponics As Your Medium In Growing Cannabis

Mediums used for hydroponics are quite popular these days among many of the more experienced marijuana cultivators. The hydroponic system is often soilless, and they typically involve using growing mediums which are filled with nutrients solution and are given at regular intervals. These mediums do not even include any nutritional value. At the same time, they do not stack the nutrients passed through them. This means that the roots of your marijuana plants may directly get all of the nutrients that they need efficiently and fast.  This also means that extra care must be given to the plants because this can also cause overfeeding, which may also result to burning of your plants.

Results of Hydroponic Setups

These hydroponic systems of growing often tend to result to better yields as compared to their soil based counterparts. However, it can cost you more money than the usual growing, and it may also need a greater amount of expertise and maintenance. Hydroponics may not work well with a complete beginner in the field of hydroponics growing. However, if you have the money and other resources, then hydroponics is perfect for you.

Why have these hydroponics setup become very popular these days? For one, it gives growers the control towards the output that they can expect. As a result, experienced growers can have the chance to get bigger buds in just a third of the time that it usually takes in growing using the soil and the growing medium. If the entire process is done appropriately and accordingly, then you can expect to get more, bigger, and even better buds in a very fast turnaround time, compared to when you would be growing in soil.

Hydroponics is also a very discreet way to grow your marijuana plants. We all know that all activities related to marijuana growing can be very dangerous as they are highly regulated. Growing outdoors using the natural resources might not work for you if you are living in an area where all these restrictions are imposed. Growing through the hydroponics system is a very discreet system because you can grow your marijuana plants inside the privacy of your home, away from the eyes of nosey neighbors. When implemented appropriately, this system can be cost effective to, as compared to the total output that you can expect in the end.

Tips In Selecting the Ideal Growing Hydroponic Conditions

Growing marijuana in a hydroponics system with a soilless setup can give you a yield enhancing opportunity that you can never resist. The output is much better when compared to growing outdoors because you have total control of both input and environmental factors which can influence how big your buds can become, and how much THC content they can have.

What you do or do not do with your hydroponics system can actually dictate the difference when it comes to anticipating the outcome. This is why it is very important to select the ideal growing hydroponic conditions for growing marijuana in an indoor environment.

Temperature Range

The maximum temperature for operation is generally influenced by the addition of carbon dioxide to the hydroponics growing area. The recommended growing temperature without carbon dioxide is 74 degrees Fahrenheit, while the preferred day cycle temperature with maximum augmentation of carbon dioxide (1600 pm) is at 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

During lights off cycle, the temperature is at 66 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to familiarize the specific marijuana strain in order to see whether temperature stress can affect them. Some types of marijuana may need a little adjustments to both the day and night temperatures.

Nutrient/Water Solution Temperature

The preferred temperature for this ranges from 66 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. A slightly warmer temperature compared to the ideal temperatures can actually contribute to the growth of the harmful organisms in your water reservoir, or may even slow down the root function, thus deterring the root growth.

In line with this, you may need to add a chiller where you can cool down your nutrients and water if you feel that your growing room is very hot. In specific cases, you may also have to add more such as aquarium heater in cases wherein the nutrient water becomes too cold. Keep in mind that cold root zones can actually harm the roots, thus slowing down growth.

Appropriate Lighting

For both seedlings and clones, you may use LED lighting, or a T-5 high output fluorescent light. During the vegetative phase for already established marijuana plants, you can use plasma, LEDs, T5s, as well as MH, or Metal Hallide. However, this still depends on the growing room size, as well as whether you are using autoflowering or photoperiod marijuana strains. Therefore, you can ask your local dealer on the type of lighting preferred by the particular strain.

Hydroponic Growing – How To Grow Marijuana Without Soil

The term ‘hydro’ has already got passed around by many marijuana growers, even though it can mean a lot of different things to people. Hydroponics significantly means growing marijuana plants without the use of soil as the growing medium. This covers a whole lot of different techniques and setup, from a rockwool insulation setup, which is a soilless medium, to having the roots up in the air, suspended with only a mist which is oxygen rich in order to feed them.

The Growing Possibilities

This often creates a wide array of different growing possibilities. This has resulted to the popularity of these so-called soilless gardens. The gardens that use hydroponic principles while using them with the forgiveness and flexibility we associate commonly with the soil gardens. The mediums used in such gardens include peat mixes, coco air, rockwool and more. Generally, even though a growing medium is typically used, it is low in bio activity, which is naturally occurring.

With this type of growing system, soilless mediums are used in order to create the best sponge that can act for holding water, oxygen, as well as nutrients in order to produce the maximum yields of frosty, big buds.

Why Choose Hydroponics

Plants that are grown in a hydroponic system exhibit maximum growth rates when all of the factors are in place appropriately. Even though hydro growing is less forgiving compared to the growing medium of soil, it is far more rewarding when implemented accordingly. The grower only needs to make sure that nutrient solution, oxygen, carbon dioxide, as well as the right amount of lighting are present at all times. Failure to do so can make the system break down quickly, and this results to a slowed growth, and eventual death to the plants.

Marijuana growers who are equipped with more technical background and less of a natural expertise would certainly love hydroponics simply because they are very easy to monitor and can result to exploding and growth to the plants. At the same time, there are also less risks of pest attraction when growing in a hydroponics setting. Of course, you may still expect some infestations, but they are generally less likely and are quite easier to spot in a hydroponics setting. All in all, if you are looking at a discreet way of growing marijuana, then hydroponics setup is the perfect choice for you.

Five Tips on How To Grow Marijuana Hydroponically

As you are now considering the specific type of permanent marijuana growing system to set all your marijuana plants up, you may come to a point where all the other marijuana growers around you will suggest about hydro systems, as well as hydroponics. To have a bit of a start off, consider the following five tips on how to grow marijuana hydroponically:

Tip #1: Understand hydroponics the way it is designed for. The term itself literally means water work, referring to a particular method where the plant can absorb all the nutrients it need even without soil as growing medium. On the other hand, this does not necessarily mean that the plants will just grow in a glass of water. They can grow in growing beds, plastic baskets, blocks, and even rockwool insulation.

Tip #2: Marijuana is a plant. Therefore, it needs the basic things that a plant needs in order to survive. They are light, water, nutrients, oxygen, as well as carbon dioxide. The idea behind hydroponics is that a plant does not need to use their energy in searching for nutrients, because they will only use the resources to leaf and fruit production.

Tip #3: Marijuana plants directly use the nutrients as soon as they are absorbed directly into the roots. Therefore, hydroponic systems need a higher level of maintenance, research, as well as overall investment. They are intolerant of mistakes while they are learning to manage the entire system.

Tip #4: It is very important to go back to the basics. It is very important to understand how to setup a soilless system. You can do so by researching your local vendors in order to make sure that you have the necessary resources, as well as the space that is needed in order to setup a hydroponics system of growing your marijuana plants.

Tip #5: Understand the types of soilless systems because you will eventually use them. They include Deep Water Culture (DWC), Top Feed, Flood and Drain/Ebb and Flow, Nutrient Flow/Film Technique (NFT), as well as Misting and Aeroponics. In this way, you can compare the different systems and implement which one is appropriate based on certain factors such as space and budget.

The hydroponic system of growing marijuana is no doubt, the most anticipated and widely used systems by different marijuana growers. Consider one having in your home and you will definitely see the benefits.

How Is Organic Hydroponics Done?

One of the most common problems encountered by beginners in growing marijuana using the hydroponics system is maintaining the right amount of nutrient levels in the reservoir, as well as making sure that the ratio of water to nutrient is correct. Without proper implementation, the entire hydroponic garden will not survive.

This paves the way for organic hydroponic setup. Growing marijuana in a hydroponic setting with the use of complete organic nutrients is often easier compared to growing in the same setup and using chemicals. Since no chemicals are placed in the lower reservoir, the problems related to maintaining the ppm of water is eliminated. At the same time, there is no need to worry about balancing nutrient levels and pH in the water reservoir, thus resulting to the elimination of most of the problems regarding hydroponic growing.

The Organic Growing System

In the standard way of growing marijuana, the average upper 1/3 of the plants’ roots are often saved for nutrient uptake, and the lower 2/3 are for water uptake. On the other hand, with organic growing system, the dual root growing system actually enhances the natural procedure of the root systems to maximize the dual water and nutrient uptaking capabilities.

A dual root system is often created in the plant via the development of three level compositions of the medium inside the container. The primary root system, as well as the soil or soil substitute is often structured appropriately so that the organic nutrients can be directly applied to them. There are no nutrients that are placed on the lower area or the secondary root system.

Most often, the secret to the success of a hydroponic growing system is the hydroponic grow container which allows the organic nutrients to be directly applied to the upper growing medium instead of goig to the lower root system. To start with the standard organic hydroponic setup, you can simply use a normal grow container, which is filled with lava rock halfway up.

If plastic hydroponic growing container is used, then a plastic screen lining should be placed on the inner circumference of the container, coming from the bottom up going to the sides and to the top. This will prevent smaller particles from the soil mixture to get into the water. With the organic way of growing marijuana in a hydroponic setting, you can be assured that you are growing your marijuana plant, the organic way!

Learn the Five Ways in Growing Marijuana Hydroponically

Whether you call it cannabis, weed, pot or something else, the fact remains that marijuana is very easy to grow even in the privacy of your home. This can be done in a hydroponic setting. Growing in a hydroponic setup will potentially give you higher yields with a relatively shorter growing time as compared to growing your plant in the traditional setup, that is, in an outdoor environment, with soil as the growing medium.

However, when people think of the term hydroponics, they immediately think of plants growing in water. Aside from this fact, your plants will actually get a lot of benefits in the hydroponics setting so long as nutrients are directly introduced to their water supply. If you are a beginner, you must be wondering how you can grow your marijuana hydroponically. Learn from these five easy ways:

#1  in order to appreciate the hydroponic system of growing even better, it is highly recommended to consider growing your marijuana plant using the traditional way even before you start with a hydroponic growing project. This is because growing in a hydroponic setting may be more difficult than the normal way of growing in soil. It is very important to know the basics and familiarize your plant well before trying other ways of growing them.

#2 Secure all the items and equipment you need for growing. For starters, you can purchase hydroponics kit which will give you basically everything that you need; however, you can also have the option to purchase the tools and equipment one by one.

#3 Set your walls up. Keep in mind that your plants grow with the help of light. Therefore, if you are growing in an indoor setup, this might be a problem. To start, you can paint your walls with flat white or semi gloss, as it reflects about 55% of the light coming from your alternative source.

#4 Set your growing lights up. As mentioned, light is very important in your hydroponics setup. Therefore, choose the right type of light for your plants. Choosing the light usually depends on the space you have for your growing area, as well as the number of plants you have inside.

#5  Familiarize yourself with the entire germinating and planting process. Most hydroponic equipment selling store will provide you information on how to start the setup of the growing environment. Therefore, make sure that you pay attention to the details and follow instructions accordingly.