How To Use Hydroponics In Growing Pot Indoors

Growing marijuana, or as how you may call it, pot, simply means that you are growing your marijuana plots in a sterile growing medium, which is not soil. All of the nutrient requirements of the plant are supplied when you combine nutrient solution and water. One thing that you need to understand about marijuana as a plant is that it is composed of about 80-95% water. All of the remaining portions are a combination of oxygen, carbon, as well as hydrogen.

Marijuana plants often absorb these specific elements coming from the air and water. Therefore, nutrients are indeed very small compared to the overall weight of the plant. The plants atmosphere need to be controlled accordingly in the hydroponic environment in order to expect and produce the perfect crops that you can possibly have.

Marijuana in a Hydroponic Setup

Marijuana plants, as well as other plants, do not really need to be planted in soil in order to survive. What is important is the presence of the basic nutrients such as Nitrogen, Potassium, as well as Phosphorus. The other elements may include Calcium, Magnesium, as well as Sulfur. These primary elements are called macroelements, while the secondary elements are often called microelements.

The hydroponics setup introduces the use of nutrients, water, as well as air, feeding them directly to the roots using the growing mediums. Because hydroponics can bypass the roots as well as the energy which is required for a plant to have the nutrients, you can definitely expect a much faster growing marijuana plants.

Modern Hydroponics

When implementing a hydroponics setup in growing marijuana, among the things that you need to consider carefully are the proper selection of marijuana seeds, lighting, and the nutrients.  If you already know someone who grows marijuana, then you can already start with clones. They are often faster to grow since they are already grown. However, if you do not have source for getting clones, you can also purchase marijuana seeds from online seed banks.

There are a lot of options available these days, and most of these online sources also provide information on how to grow hydroponics indoor. If you are a beginner in this field, you can even start with a hydroponics kit. These kits often include all the things that you need to start your own hydroponics garden. Instructions are also provided to you.

Choosing The Right Light Growing Lights For Hydroponic Growing

It is very important to understand that when talking about an indoor hydroponic growing, not all lights are the same. Plants respond quite differently according to the different colors of light. Light which is on both end of the spectrum, whether it is blue or red light, often have the most impact on the process of photosynthesis.

Types of Light

Here are the different kinds of light that you will be using for hydroponic growing:

Red Light – Red light is often found on one end of the light spectrum. It deals with triggering the hormone response of a plant, and it turn it initiates the blooming process.

Blue Light – This light is also found on the other end of the spectrum. This lighting encourages the growth of bushy and compact buds.

Orange and Reddish Light – Growing lights that produce orange and reddish type of light produces enough heat. On the other hand, some lights allow the production of full spectrum light even with the absence of heat.


It is very important to understand that growing lights come in all sizes, shapes, as well as price ranges. Generally speaking, cheaper lights may tend to be the least effective, and often the most expensive to operate and maintain. Meanwhile, price is not really a good indicator of the performance of the light as there are a lot of efficient growing lights that need ballasts, as well as other specific fixtures.

The basic types of light include incandescent lights, fluorescent grow lights, new full spectrum fluorescent lights, as well as LED lights. Before selecting which type best works for you, make sure to have a rundown of each of the light type. After that, take note that your plants do not only need light, but also darkness. Almost all of the plants, including your marijuana plants, even in hydroponic setting, benefit from a good six hours or even more of total darkness.

Each strain may have its own light on light off schedule. Therefore, it is very important to identify the requirement of your strain. It is often a good idea to identify how much light all your plants need. However, unlike commercial growing, you might have to make a different consideration when it comes to personal growing if you are growing your own plant for medicinal purposes. This will include considering factors such as space of your growing room, etc.

How To Choose The Right Nutrients For Growing Hydroponics Marijuana

Selecting the right nutrients for your marijuana growing endeavor is one vital decision that can make or break your project. By choosing the right nutrients needed for your marijuana plants, you will certain enjoy producing strong and healthy yield. On the other hand, if you get it entirely wrong, you will end up suffering plants that have yellow leaves. What’s even worse is that you can have a reduced harvest at the end of the growing period, or worst, dead, lifeless marijuana plants.

Rather than depending on a single recommendation regarding a nutrient solution, it is vital to understand for yourself how to choose the right nutrients which can be perfect for growing hydroponics marijuana.

Which Nutrients Are Needed?

There are three primary nutrients that are needed in order to consider growing marijuana. They are Nitrogen (N), Potassium (K), and Phosphorus (P). Almost all of the options you have regarding your nutrient product available will often specify the information about these three elements in the NKP format.

For instance, if you go to your favorite nutrient solution store, and you see a product that lists having a 15-15-15 in the solution, you can simply conclude that it has 15% Nitrogen, 15% Phosphorus, as well as 15% Potassium. The rest of the solution are generally composed of the so-called secondary elements . These elements are also helpful to the overall growth of the plant, however they are not really the primary focus of the combination.

The secondary elements include calcium, sulphur, magnesium, and sometimes copper, boron, zinc, molybdenum, iron and manganese. The balance and combination of all these nutrients, as well as the amount that you feed to your plants generally differ all throughout the growing cycle. Generally speaking, the rooting, as well as the germination phase needs more phosphorus and less in potassium and nitrogen. On the other hand, the vegetative phase needs lots of nitrogen. At the same time, the flowering phase will need more phosphorus and potassium, with a mix of calcium.

Just like the animals and other living things need food to survive, your marijuana plants need the nutrient they need in order to grow healthily. Much more so because they live in a hydroponics setup where they depend on their owners to feed them the necessary nutrients they need. They can make a difference in the final harvest of your plants.

Everything You Have To Know About Indoor Hydroponics

Growing marijuana in a hydroponics setup simply means that you are growing your marijuana plants in a sterile and inert growing medium, instead of using soil. The nutrient requirements of the plant are being supplied as you mix water with the nutrient solution. It is very important to understand that a marijuana plant is composed of 80% to 95% water, while the other parts are composed of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. The plants can extract all these elements from the water and air and so the nutrients are just a small amount in comparison to the overall weight of the plant. The entire atmosphere of the plant needs to be appropriately controlled in order to produce high yielding crops.

Marijuana Set-ups

There are different types of growing setups for marijuana growing. One of them is the Ebb and Flow systems. Other systems include the Sea of Green, Screen of Green, Deep Water Culture, and many more. The type of system that you can implement actually depends on the need, the area, as well as the budget that you are willing to invest for your hydroponic marijuana growing.

If you are a beginner in growing marijuana, the Ebb and Flow system will work for you because it is very easy to maintain. On the other hand, if you consider yourself experienced in the field, either the Sea of Green, or the Screen of Green will work for you. As a matter of fact, these types of systems are often used for commercial operations where yields and speed are tantamount to the overall production.

Marijuana Lighting

Since the modern methods in hydroponics use HID or High Intensity Discharge lights, it is very important to see whether you have the resources to implement such type of lighting. Of course, it also depends whether you have the right type of grow room and the budget to support this type of lighting. There are, of course, other types of lighting that you can use. In order to identify the type of lighting perfect for your needs, it may be helpful to ask some professional growers. This can be done by reading their blogs, or by joining threads, forums and other online sources of information. With these types of sources, you can even interact with them directly as they are more than willing to provide you the information that you need in order to grow your indoor hydroponics successfully.

A Smartphone App For Managing Hydroponic Marijuana Garden

These days, everything has been backed up by the power of technology. This is true when it comes to the exciting things that the Internet and the World Wide Web has to offer. With the introduction of the internet, everything can now be done online, which includes purchasing your marijuana seeds so that you can start growing your marijuana plants discreetly in the privacy of your home.

At the same time, with the advent of the smartphone technology, applications can now be used to help you in your daily activities. Marijuana growers, especially those who are growing their plants in a hydroponic setup will certainly find it extra helpful to know that an app is now available for managing your marijuana garden.

The EMC-5000 App

This app can work on both Android and iPhones. This is a huge development of the EMC-5000 platform. The enhanced network interface of the app allows the marijuana growers to have peace of mind, which can be considered a rare gem in the industry. At the same time, it also opens the opportunity to other capabilities, such as security, alarms and cameras.

With this app, growers can activate the system, log on, and view the details from your room, no matter where you may be anytime of the day. This is a very important breakthrough for the manufacturer, as well as to the marijuana growers who desire to monitor all activities related to their hydroponic setup all hours of the day.

Further Advancements

According to the president of the manufacturing company, they are currently working on the network capabilities which will allow the smartphone app to use multiple EMC-5000s to be simultaneously accessed. At the same time, any type of change may be implemented in unison. This will greatly allow for a larger facility, with more than one controllers working with unity, and can be controlled coming from one single monitor.

In most parts of the United States, marijuana sales, and at some point, growing, are still highly restricted.  They are still under the Controlled Substances Act of the country. However, in twenty states, as well as the District of Columbia, provision on medical marijuana laws are currently being passed on to allow the legalization of the production and use of medical marijuana for qualified patients under state law. If this becomes a reality, growing marijuana can turn out to be a good business.

Instructions On How To Grow Hydroponic Cannabis

Growing marijuana in a hydroponic setup is usually known to accomplish compared to the marijuana plants that are developed in the natural soil medium. It has the capability to sprout faster and may even be decently regulated. The supplements that are being fed to the plants are not introduced to the soil, as the way it is done in the regular process, but it is introduced directly to the roots through the water system. This results to faster absorption, leading to better output and yield.

In conditions wherein ecological substances and appropriately implemented, marijuana can be processed adequately. With this type of marijuana growing, you may also consider shorter developing spurt as well as a snappier development for all the yields. Hydroponics is designed for a faster development of the plants without having to do additional work which generally takes a while.

How to Grow Your Cannabis

  • One of the easier ways to grow in a hydroponics setup is by using wick and repository frameworks. This is often described as an inactive way of generating hydroponic marijuana. This does not require water circulation coming from a stream meter, pump, as well as channel. The idea of this framework is that water wicks where it needs to be when the medium and conditions are sufficient.


  • In order to develop marijuana, the store framework has to use a high quality medium for the container in which your marijuana can be placed. At the same time, you can use rockwool insulation. This type of framework allows the plant to develop, giving them the appropriate space for them to grow.


  • Hydroponic enclosures can also be used when growing in a nursery. They help the marijuana plants to develop faster with this method. The bud time is also significantly lowered down. The techniques involved in growing marijuana are designed to keep dampness and yet avoid endangering your plants to flooding and water drowning.


  • With hydroponic marijuana growing, you can be guaranteed that you can have more than enough oxygen in the foundation of your plants, and therefore, you can expect that there will be no undergrowth and underdevelopment.


A hydroponics setup can be an exciting way to grow your marijuana strain. However, this may not be for the beginners. Therefore, it is very important to get the right amount of knowledge before you can start the process by yourself.

How To Grow Hydroponics Marijuana In a Grow Tent

Reality dictates that the cost involved with using marijuana is quite high, especially when you are using it for regular medication due to its medicinal value. The good news is, you can actually cut down on the expenses involved without having to stop using it at all. One of the most popular ways that are being used these days is by growing the plants on your own.

Quite obviously, this might be very challenging for many people because first of all, the activity itself is limited due to certain restrictions implemented in certain places. However, since it is now possible for you go get the seeds online, you can have the chance to grow your own marijuana plants in the privacy of your home by using a grow tent.

The Benefits

  • A correctly implemented marijuana grow tent can allow you to crop your plants continuously, thus allowing you get a steady supply of high quality buds which are perfect for whatever purposes it may give you.
  • In certain appropriate mediums, indoor grow tents may actually become very profitable when turn into a business, especially when you have acquitted the necessary skills to have a larger setups.
  • You no longer have to go through the painstaking deal of having to travel to and from your dealer.
  • And the primary motivator here is that you can actually save money by growing in an indoor environment using a grow tent.

Make sure that you don’t skimp the grow tent. The bulbs and the tent are no doubt the most important factors that you need to consider for your grow tent. The tent should be of high quality to make sure that it is fire proof. Some of the beautifully made grow tents have electrical and exhaust ports that can be rebuilt to the tent. Select a tent that is tear proof.

The poles for your tent are also very important. There are manufacturers that may offer low quality tents in order for you to save money, but reality is, they might just end up breaking. On the other hand, if your tent is strong, it will not rip easily and you can actually benefit from the output that it can give you. By purchasing the right tent, it will stay good as new for many years. By considering all these things, you can be successful in growing your marijuana plants.

How To Choose Hydroponics As Your Medium In Growing Cannabis

Mediums used for hydroponics are quite popular these days among many of the more experienced marijuana cultivators. The hydroponic system is often soilless, and they typically involve using growing mediums which are filled with nutrients solution and are given at regular intervals. These mediums do not even include any nutritional value. At the same time, they do not stack the nutrients passed through them. This means that the roots of your marijuana plants may directly get all of the nutrients that they need efficiently and fast.  This also means that extra care must be given to the plants because this can also cause overfeeding, which may also result to burning of your plants.

Results of Hydroponic Setups

These hydroponic systems of growing often tend to result to better yields as compared to their soil based counterparts. However, it can cost you more money than the usual growing, and it may also need a greater amount of expertise and maintenance. Hydroponics may not work well with a complete beginner in the field of hydroponics growing. However, if you have the money and other resources, then hydroponics is perfect for you.

Why have these hydroponics setup become very popular these days? For one, it gives growers the control towards the output that they can expect. As a result, experienced growers can have the chance to get bigger buds in just a third of the time that it usually takes in growing using the soil and the growing medium. If the entire process is done appropriately and accordingly, then you can expect to get more, bigger, and even better buds in a very fast turnaround time, compared to when you would be growing in soil.

Hydroponics is also a very discreet way to grow your marijuana plants. We all know that all activities related to marijuana growing can be very dangerous as they are highly regulated. Growing outdoors using the natural resources might not work for you if you are living in an area where all these restrictions are imposed. Growing through the hydroponics system is a very discreet system because you can grow your marijuana plants inside the privacy of your home, away from the eyes of nosey neighbors. When implemented appropriately, this system can be cost effective to, as compared to the total output that you can expect in the end.

Tips In Selecting the Ideal Growing Hydroponic Conditions

Growing marijuana in a hydroponics system with a soilless setup can give you a yield enhancing opportunity that you can never resist. The output is much better when compared to growing outdoors because you have total control of both input and environmental factors which can influence how big your buds can become, and how much THC content they can have.

What you do or do not do with your hydroponics system can actually dictate the difference when it comes to anticipating the outcome. This is why it is very important to select the ideal growing hydroponic conditions for growing marijuana in an indoor environment.

Temperature Range

The maximum temperature for operation is generally influenced by the addition of carbon dioxide to the hydroponics growing area. The recommended growing temperature without carbon dioxide is 74 degrees Fahrenheit, while the preferred day cycle temperature with maximum augmentation of carbon dioxide (1600 pm) is at 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

During lights off cycle, the temperature is at 66 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to familiarize the specific marijuana strain in order to see whether temperature stress can affect them. Some types of marijuana may need a little adjustments to both the day and night temperatures.

Nutrient/Water Solution Temperature

The preferred temperature for this ranges from 66 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. A slightly warmer temperature compared to the ideal temperatures can actually contribute to the growth of the harmful organisms in your water reservoir, or may even slow down the root function, thus deterring the root growth.

In line with this, you may need to add a chiller where you can cool down your nutrients and water if you feel that your growing room is very hot. In specific cases, you may also have to add more such as aquarium heater in cases wherein the nutrient water becomes too cold. Keep in mind that cold root zones can actually harm the roots, thus slowing down growth.

Appropriate Lighting

For both seedlings and clones, you may use LED lighting, or a T-5 high output fluorescent light. During the vegetative phase for already established marijuana plants, you can use plasma, LEDs, T5s, as well as MH, or Metal Hallide. However, this still depends on the growing room size, as well as whether you are using autoflowering or photoperiod marijuana strains. Therefore, you can ask your local dealer on the type of lighting preferred by the particular strain.

Hydroponic Growing – How To Grow Marijuana Without Soil

The term ‘hydro’ has already got passed around by many marijuana growers, even though it can mean a lot of different things to people. Hydroponics significantly means growing marijuana plants without the use of soil as the growing medium. This covers a whole lot of different techniques and setup, from a rockwool insulation setup, which is a soilless medium, to having the roots up in the air, suspended with only a mist which is oxygen rich in order to feed them.

The Growing Possibilities

This often creates a wide array of different growing possibilities. This has resulted to the popularity of these so-called soilless gardens. The gardens that use hydroponic principles while using them with the forgiveness and flexibility we associate commonly with the soil gardens. The mediums used in such gardens include peat mixes, coco air, rockwool and more. Generally, even though a growing medium is typically used, it is low in bio activity, which is naturally occurring.

With this type of growing system, soilless mediums are used in order to create the best sponge that can act for holding water, oxygen, as well as nutrients in order to produce the maximum yields of frosty, big buds.

Why Choose Hydroponics

Plants that are grown in a hydroponic system exhibit maximum growth rates when all of the factors are in place appropriately. Even though hydro growing is less forgiving compared to the growing medium of soil, it is far more rewarding when implemented accordingly. The grower only needs to make sure that nutrient solution, oxygen, carbon dioxide, as well as the right amount of lighting are present at all times. Failure to do so can make the system break down quickly, and this results to a slowed growth, and eventual death to the plants.

Marijuana growers who are equipped with more technical background and less of a natural expertise would certainly love hydroponics simply because they are very easy to monitor and can result to exploding and growth to the plants. At the same time, there are also less risks of pest attraction when growing in a hydroponics setting. Of course, you may still expect some infestations, but they are generally less likely and are quite easier to spot in a hydroponics setting. All in all, if you are looking at a discreet way of growing marijuana, then hydroponics setup is the perfect choice for you.